Bean Fest was awesome, really enjoyed it. A massive thanks to you lot for voting for us to play and for the massive cheers :D and to the organisers and Gaz for the sound too, fingers crossed to play there again !!. We hope you enjoyed it ? This coming Friday we’re at Cafe Sport, Swinton with support band NARCS
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toast lands butter side up and cats always land on their feet.. so what happens if you tape a slice of toast to a cats back and throw it up in the air?

- Asked by Anonymous

The cat would end up in an infinate spin and wouldn’t be able to decide on what to play, either Tetris or Guild Wars 2… for all eternity !

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Automatic Thrill - Live loud rock metal indie covers band playing Hendrix Audioslave Manic Street Preachers Kiss Guns n Roses.

Collectively we have played gig's in some of England's most prestigious venues and a history of writing, recording and touring original material. TV and both local and national radio play.

Contact -band@automaticthrill.com

Kady Bach = Vox
Jamie Beatson = Guitar
Noddy = Drums
Steve Tudberry = Bass


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